Thank you for helping me with this web-counter test. Please don't leave the page for about 15 seconds until AFTER both counter images FULLY LOAD!!!!

This test is to test my suspicions that the extreme counter is missing hits. I recently rebuilt a site and the extreme meter missed some 60-70 of my own visits... and it was NOT set to exclude my own visits. This is to test the possible miscounts using a broader sample.

The two meters were especially created for this test and have a start count of zero. I did not view the page until both were put up simultaneously. They should read the same... the possible exception is whether a browser has active JS.

If you're curious, you can check the results yourself by clicking on either meter.

Thanks again



Here are the results from running the test for the past 61 days....
meter test
Site Summary
  Average per Day1  
  Average Visit Length1:06  
  Last Hour0  
  This Week2  
  Average per Day2  
  Average per Visit1.4  
  Last Hour0  
  This Week3  

SummaryPeriod: 61 Days
  Daily Unique:     Totals:  
    Today       1  /  16 Apr, Tue, 2002     Unique Visitors      120 - 91.60% 
    Yesterday       1  /  14 Mar, Thu, 2002     Visits incl. Reloads      131 
    Average       1     Reloads      11 - 8.39% 
    Highest Day       8  /  26 Dec, Wed, 2001     Visitors via Referrers      100 - 83.33% 
  Weekly Unique:        Website Referrers      8 
    Current Week         1  /  Wk 16, 2002     Javascript Enabled      118 - 98.33%
    Last Week          7  /  Wk 11, 2002    
    Average       8   Most accessed:  
    Highest Week       24  /  Wk 52, 2001     Browser      MSIE 4 
  Monthly Unique:          Operating System      WebTV 
    Current Month    1  /  Apr, 2002     Screen Resolution      Other 
    Last Month          16  /  Mar, 2002     Screen Color      8 Bit (256) 
    Average       24     Searchengine      - 
    Highest Month       45  /  Jan, 2002     Keyword       
  Highest Hour of the Day       21:00 - 21:59     Domain/Country      .net / Network 
  Highest Day of the Week      Wednesday     Continent      Unknown 

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