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By now some of you have seen the picture from the front page of the London Evening Standard which purports to show a large crowd celebrating the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue in Baghdad on April 9. While TV coverage focused on the seemingly jubilant crowd, pictures reveal there were not thousands at the event but about 150.

This picture has been analyzed and the write-up exposing this picture can be found at:

It shows what is apparently a crude attempt to use photo manipulation to make the size of the crowd seem larger. This was actually the last in a series of photos produced by a special CIA Hearts & Minds Management Team (HMMT) to create a dramatic scene for domestic and international propaganda purposes.

Earlier attempts at photo-manipulation were determined to be too crude to be credible even to gullible pro-war supporters and were discarded. This one was found in a trash bag near a special HMMT unit set up at the Baghdad International Airport by a reporter who wishes to remain anonymous. Note similarity between man with white shirt in foreground with man three rows back also clenching his fist. It's an obvious fake. Does the Bush administration have no shame?


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